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Taylor Hicks and other contestants from Season Five

Jun 02, 2014 02:51 PM ET
Reviewed by: beausalant
????? I don't understand how he won

Taylor was the best
May 22, 2014 10:35 PM ET
Reviewed by: solidtunes
I have some knowledge of voices and Taylors is different from anyone I have ever heard. He really connects with the meaning of a song and can convey that meaning to the audience better than anyone I have ever seen. He is an outstanding talent and was definitely not used by Idol as he should have been. They made a huge mistake.

Jul 22, 2013 06:39 PM ET
Reviewed by: SkoutlawDreamer

My Idol Ranking
Jun 03, 2013 04:49 PM ET
Reviewed by: Andriodm105
no comment!

Taylor Hicks - Not The Rightful Winner
Jun 10, 2012 06:57 PM ET
Reviewed by: 09scottyb
Taylor Hicks did NOT deserve to win this season. He was charismatic and fun to watch, but his vocal ability was not up to par with many of the other contestants.

Jun 02, 2012 05:44 PM ET
Reviewed by: wrestlgurl
Taylor was the TV star of Idol. With a show like AI you always run the chance that someone's ability to perform live and connect with an audience can override their true musical talent. Taylor was that person. He was made for Idol, but didn't deliver with the same impact on an audio level. Might be why most of his post-Idol success has come from live shows and stage work.

May 05, 2012 05:12 PM ET
Reviewed by: Oholibamah
His voice isn't perfect, but his style makes the quirks in his voice an advantage. He's missing the x factor of a true star, but I definitely get why he was rewarded for a string of consistent performances and originality to the Idol stage.

i just dont like him
Jan 06, 2012 03:24 PM ET
Reviewed by: 16hughalexander
he could of done better

I love Taylor Hicks So much!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 20, 2011 08:49 PM ET
Reviewed by: Sexybeast101
I hate how everyone acts like they always hated Taylor and always thought he was a joke of a contestant. That is totally not true because almost everyone I knew considered him to be one of their favorites if not their favorite and rightfully so because Taylor was consistently awesome and I also hate how everyone treats him like the worst winner besides at least Taylor can actually stay in tune unlike Lee. 100% deserving of his win as far as im concerned. Favorite Performance: In the Ghetto

Simply the Best, Better Than all the others
Oct 09, 2011 10:29 PM ET
Reviewed by: Kariann1
Taylor is my favorite Idol winner. What charm and talent. He is never boring and is an established entertainer. He is a joy to watch perform and has his own unique style. Watching him perform is such a treat! Love him!

Taylor Hicks
Mar 21, 2011 12:56 AM ET
Reviewed by: rrt417
...is by far the weakest winner. I still don't get it.

May 30, 2010 08:24 PM ET
Reviewed by: flamehead4901

May 23, 2010 06:00 PM ET
Reviewed by: damroberts744
Can't believe he won

Dec 19, 2009 03:20 PM ET
Reviewed by: pamnolan11
not good enough to be the winner.

Dec 18, 2009 04:14 PM ET
Reviewed by: ashleyabner1
still have a hard time understanding how he beat the loveliness that is Katharine McPhee.

Dec 17, 2009 04:59 PM ET
Reviewed by: hgzaj

Not winner material
Sep 07, 2009 04:08 PM ET
Reviewed by: adisonlover
The fact that he won shows how ignorant the american voting public is.

Aug 29, 2009 01:41 PM ET
Reviewed by: jeboftheyear
One of the worst winners

Aug 09, 2009 02:31 AM ET
Reviewed by: pa2we
should NOT have won... ESP. over Katharine!

Love Taylor
May 27, 2009 11:32 PM ET
Reviewed by: ingbergx7
Forever a fan

May 23, 2009 10:48 PM ET
Reviewed by: ringo
sucks sucks sucks

May 23, 2009 10:21 AM ET
Reviewed by: genedevil

shouldn't have won
May 16, 2009 10:16 PM ET
Reviewed by: qg6ff
not over kat and well, most of the group really

May 16, 2009 07:05 PM ET
Reviewed by: MUM09
I don't understand why HE won...

Never should have won
Apr 07, 2009 08:06 PM ET
Reviewed by: Smileyj
This guy is awful, truly awful

Mar 27, 2009 12:29 PM ET
Reviewed by: Clubskies
Can't stand him!!!

Awful choice for a winner
Mar 25, 2009 09:31 PM ET
Reviewed by: AmericanIdol95
Not good

Jan 03, 2009 07:45 PM ET
Reviewed by: brickj
Terrible choice of a winner

Yeah right.
Jan 03, 2009 07:40 PM ET
Reviewed by: habri

Jan 03, 2009 07:30 PM ET
Reviewed by: bricke
he stinks

Taylor Hicks
May 22, 2008 07:55 PM ET
Reviewed by: kamyates11
dont like him

right choice for this season
Mar 24, 2008 06:18 PM ET
Reviewed by: seahawks08

Mar 12, 2008 05:57 PM ET
Reviewed by: Julesb2183
Fun to watch, decent voice

Sep 02, 2007 01:40 AM ET
Reviewed by: koopa

May 16, 2007 10:03 AM ET
Reviewed by: Musicistheanswer
Very good.

worst idol in history
May 07, 2007 11:16 PM ET
Reviewed by: mikedizzel8
5 Years you won't remember his name

Apr 04, 2007 10:27 AM ET
Reviewed by: kadp1026

I Didn't Like
Mar 22, 2007 07:07 AM ET
Reviewed by: NYMWSC1986
I thought that if Katharines voice didnt get weaker as the show went on that she would have won. I also think Taylor should have finished theird and Chris should have been in the finals. Obviously people agree with me since Taylors album isnt doing as well as Katharines and Chris, even Elliots

taylor sucks!
Sep 23, 2006 03:02 AM ET
Reviewed by: tyrique
i gave my honest opinion.. hes just a GUY WITH GREy HAIR AND SINGS LIKE ELVIS

Not a real American Idol
Jul 21, 2006 06:05 PM ET
Reviewed by: Smileforme536
I didn't want him to win...

Taylor Hicks has a poor voice
Jul 13, 2006 07:45 PM ET
Reviewed by: ging

Soul Patrol!!!
Jun 23, 2006 03:41 PM ET
Reviewed by: idolstocker
This is a American Idol. Yeah. I think he could nail the "Bilboard Charts" Real easy. He is just so different from any Idol I have ever seen.. He is The Soul patrol. Favriot Performance: Taking it to the Streets. Least: Country Roads. I love Country but Some did not have the night with it. Great Idol.

Jun 05, 2006 09:18 AM ET
Reviewed by: QTgymnast412
Taylor is overrated. His vocals aren't that great. But he's much better than Katharine so I'm glad he won even though it should have been Chris, Elliott, or even Paris

Soul Patrol made a good choice
May 30, 2006 01:47 AM ET
Reviewed by: simplyme
I think that Taylor definitely has the potential and in a little way deserved the Idol crown. He has something that could give a way for him to succeed in this industry.

May 29, 2006 08:17 PM ET
Reviewed by: poweke

May 29, 2006 08:46 AM ET
Reviewed by: kk1102

May 27, 2006 08:43 AM ET
Reviewed by: kim1109

May 24, 2006 12:49 AM ET
Reviewed by: rodek
American Idol will kill Taylor's style.

Great Performer
May 23, 2006 01:11 PM ET
Reviewed by: TrueReviews
Here's the deal with Taylor. He scores well in the emoting category, as he sings with plenty soul. He scores well in the pizzaz category as he is exciting. He scores well in originality. He scores with stage presence. He scores well with charm. He doesn't score well in the physical attractiveness category as Katharine has got him beat. Anyone who rates him a 10 in this category is not being honest. He doesn't score well in 3 of the voice categories, as he does not have the best voice, but he does score well with voice control as he always makes the best of his limited voice. All in all - I rate him the best of season 5.

May 14, 2006 05:04 PM ET
Reviewed by: idolnewbee
I like Taylor, & I like his singing- on his albums... I haven't much cared for his voice on the show- he seems too preoccupied with being a showman rather than really letting it be about the music...

t hicks
May 12, 2006 09:03 AM ET
Reviewed by: rayg1017
Sometimes He Is hard to understand and Jumps around to Much.and that crazy laugh, He also Act more like a Kid Than a singer.rayg

Apr 13, 2006 11:50 AM ET
Reviewed by: Andy
Taylor confuses me. I think he has a good voice. I can't help but feel that his voice would be better if he would calm down just a little. If he calmed down, I'm not sure he would be as popular as he is. I think he is worthy of the top six or so. I will see what he sounds like on the season album before making a decision about any future albums he does solo.

SNL Here He Comes!
Apr 06, 2006 03:35 PM ET
Reviewed by: winterlily
Taylor seems like a nice man, but his performances are aking to Saturday Night Live parodies, thus I find it very hard to watch or take him seriously.

Very appealing, an original
Mar 30, 2006 12:36 PM ET
Reviewed by: Manderly
Like him very much -- don't love his singing all that much. Good as far as the voice goes - not great.

Taylor has an audience somewhere
Mar 26, 2006 03:43 PM ET
Reviewed by: laurae
Taylor is different. He is an entertainer. I do not think he is an American Idol. laurae

Go Jay Leno!
Mar 23, 2006 05:52 AM ET
Reviewed by: Juvenile
Go Jay Leno! You are the Man!

Mar 19, 2006 05:06 PM ET
Reviewed by: AKN4CLY
He just bugs me!!

Mar 18, 2006 09:56 PM ET
Reviewed by: mcallister255

Mar 17, 2006 07:53 PM ET
Reviewed by: menette
Taylor Hicks is original. He sings as if the music is inside of him needing to get out.

Taylor Has What it takes!!!!!
Mar 16, 2006 07:03 PM ET
Reviewed by: JBPro
Taylor sings with his heart and soul,he is the type of person that entertains the ideal(s)-"Either you have it or you don't". and he has it,and he does it so good!!! I have alot of friends, who are very talented musicians/singers, and know some well known true artists from:Sir Paul M.to- Mel of Grand Funk RR. Who am I>> only your hair stylist knows for sure!!I like a couple more of the contestants, but they are not original enough to even consider, considering my background, But hey! to each their own. Taylor Hicks is going to go a Very Long way reguardless!! JBPro

Mar 16, 2006 04:02 AM ET
Reviewed by: zen1

OK Singer
Mar 15, 2006 02:12 PM ET
Reviewed by: soulpatrolnot
The singing is decent. The gyrations are irritating.

Mar 15, 2006 04:54 AM ET
Reviewed by: taigark

If i could only listen to him and not watch him
Mar 15, 2006 01:49 AM ET
Reviewed by: cyndip
for some reason, i just fast forward thru his performances. seems like a nice guy though

Taylor Rocks!!!
Mar 13, 2006 09:09 PM ET
Reviewed by: sidekick1127
He is untouchable! OUtstanding performer. He draws you into his performance and keeps your there and makes you want more when he is finished. #1

Mar 12, 2006 06:07 PM ET
Reviewed by: hvchs07
he is interesting, his dancing is weird

Love the voice but can't get past...
Mar 12, 2006 12:42 PM ET
Reviewed by: wellnessaloha
...how irritating the "over-the-top" antics are and the fact that the gimmick can't last. Ok for entertainment shows but not the AI. Can't help but wonder if he is just copying other performers...don't really think he is as original as the producers are making him out to be.

He rocks!
Mar 11, 2006 09:19 PM ET
Reviewed by: ineeda
He's quirky, but a half hour after his performances, I'm still smiling! Every single time he hits the stage, you know he LOVES being there. And he gives the impression that he'd be just as thrilled if he was doing the same thing in his living room just singing to his dog!

Average Performer w/ Outstanding Feeling
Mar 11, 2006 12:03 PM ET
Reviewed by: Blue22Princess
His feeling is incredible in his songs, but his movements are either copycating from other performers, including blind men, or his own original spasms, which are painful to watch. I love that he's into the music, but he needs to be more original (but not CRAZY) and he is only an average singer.

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