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May 05, 2012 01:12 PM ET
Reviewed by: Oholibamah
Something was there in his pitch and control, but his performances were lifeless and never measured up to his competitors.

Sep 13, 2009 11:08 AM ET
Reviewed by: adisonlover
Sorry but there was nothing good about this guy.

Aug 29, 2009 11:07 AM ET
Reviewed by: jeboftheyear
Made it too far in his season, good singer.

Aug 16, 2009 03:51 PM ET
Reviewed by: qg6ff
zzzzzzzzz way overplaced

I hated him
Jun 25, 2009 10:49 AM ET
Reviewed by: Smileyj
Sorry, but he was terrible, and it was a travesty that he made it past Constantine (who was pretty good), Anwar (who had a great voice), Nadia (who was all around phenomenal), Nikko (who had a good voice), and Jessica (who had a fantastic voice)

May 23, 2009 10:10 AM ET
Reviewed by: genedevil
don't know what to say

May 02, 2009 11:10 AM ET
Reviewed by: AdamRocks

Sep 02, 2007 01:21 AM ET
Reviewed by: koopa
i think hes just ok he has pretty nice voice

Not Likable
May 22, 2007 11:28 AM ET
Reviewed by: qbanbgfan
Scott looked so un-nice....

Scot The Body.
Jun 24, 2006 08:33 PM ET
Reviewed by: idolstocker
He was OK. Very Mediocer. I think he was very pitchy. Ok is the best I can say. Nothing against his weight, but just ok. Favriot: Against All Odds. Least:She's Gone

May 29, 2006 08:32 PM ET
Reviewed by: poweke
I liked him. He seems cool.

May 18, 2006 04:37 AM ET
Reviewed by: SF1972
I like Scott...personality sort of rubbed me the wrong way, but he's got a great voice.

Apr 29, 2006 03:14 PM ET
Reviewed by: idolnewbee
You know, when it came down to the wire, he had a pretty decent voice- he could have used it better- but the voice itself was there. But there was no feeling in anything he did, he was boring, and he was very unappealing in attitude and look.

Mar 16, 2006 05:12 PM ET
Reviewed by: Chrisfan15
One word.....NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 15, 2006 03:29 AM ET
Reviewed by: Ceeeza

Seemed sincere
Jan 25, 2006 12:05 PM ET
Reviewed by: Sheila
I try to find something good to say about everyone. I'll admit that I wasn't a big fan of Scott's but he seemed sincere in trying to do his best and I can appreciate that. I'm sure he has a lot of fans that love his style and I'm happy for him.

Mr. Controversy
Jul 17, 2005 10:51 PM ET
Reviewed by: deb313
Scott wasn't horrible but there was no way he was better than Constantine, Anwar, Nadia, Nikko and Lindsey.

Jul 14, 2005 05:53 PM ET
Reviewed by: corey619
worst idol ever, stayed way to long

Jul 11, 2005 06:31 PM ET
Reviewed by: tubbs
i have to admit im not a fan, although he had a very different voice he didnt pick the right songs and was sometimes over confident his standout performance was by far on broadway which was a really good performance

Scott: Recording Back-Up Potential
Jul 07, 2005 09:52 AM ET
Reviewed by: FlyrGrl
Scott is a sad case for me. I think he has an absolutely lovely voice, with a LOT of potential if he could be trained by a dedicated, patient vocal coach. But Scott's personality and his look are, frankly, off-putting. It's not his weight, or his plainess, it's more than that. He comes across as smug, creepy, unfocused and cold. His strength is a versatile and smooth R&B voice that would be wonderful in a recording studio setting; his weakness is his stage-presence and appearance. I don't know that he can overcome the impressions he gives in person. Back-up work on R&B albums may be the best way for Scott to go.

Jun 19, 2005 05:43 PM ET
Reviewed by: maroulislove89

Not my cup of tea
Jun 15, 2005 09:57 PM ET
Reviewed by: sexylilthing
While I think Scott has a good voice I didnt really enjoy watching him perform

Scott, what have you done
Jun 15, 2005 01:37 PM ET
Reviewed by: Zircon
i never liked scott, but his song on the american idol cd isn't tha bad

Could improve with lessons
Jun 12, 2005 07:05 PM ET
Reviewed by: Circe
Scott has some raw talent. If he had some vocal coaching he could be a successful recording artist.I'm not sure about a touring artist.

Jun 12, 2005 04:57 PM ET
Reviewed by: song4sky
Very nice voice but lacked any "WOW" performances, cool guy.

Jun 09, 2005 10:35 AM ET
Reviewed by: luciloo469
Broadway was by far his best performance....

Jeepers Creepers
Jun 08, 2005 09:12 PM ET
Reviewed by: singingnurse123
I thought he was the pits. His attitude stunk and he should have been gone LONG before he was. What a creep!!!

Scott Savol
Jun 07, 2005 12:19 AM ET
Reviewed by: have2smile
I'm don't like to be Simon but speaking my mind. Scott had an okay voice. And I really don't judge people on their looks. That I don't look at. He just did not appeal to me. Sure he did well to make it where he was. But I wouldn't buy his CD. If he would of smiled a little more, or just shown more personality. He had a nice enough voice to do something with it. But he seemed like he didn't want to be there.

Scott was better in the beginning.
Jun 03, 2005 04:37 PM ET
Reviewed by: ratosi
I liked Scott alot at the beginning of the season. He seemed to get a very dour attitude after the first few weeks, though. He sang a few songs well, but overall is not a good singer. He needs to improve his attitude and sing songs that are within his range, if he wants to stay in the business. I don't think he can do it.

Scott was too uneven
Jun 03, 2005 02:24 PM ET
Reviewed by: marianne
I liked Scott's voice at first, but he was often off pitch. When he's good, he's very good, and his is the voice I'd like to hear on CD.

Scott Savol Review
Jun 02, 2005 09:06 PM ET
Reviewed by: kaydee948
I enjoyed Scott's voice very much, and I feel he is extremely talented. Personality-wise, I think he was misunderstood by more than a few people. I found him to be very sincere and actually quite likeable. He has a lot of potential and I hope that he will have the chance for a career in music. I would love to hear more of his beautiful voice!

Jun 02, 2005 01:21 PM ET
Reviewed by: swgen
Scott sang fine.

Scotty the Body
May 31, 2005 04:58 PM ET
Reviewed by: hvchs07
I've been figuring out for weeks why you're still in the competition. You are Ordinary Guy who is doing quite well. Ordinary Guys can get up at karaoke and entertain the audience. Honestly, based on that performance, if I were sitting in the karaoke bar, I'd be switching the microphone off. Thank God it was only a one-minute song, wed have had a full striptease after three minutes.

Scary Scott
May 30, 2005 04:42 PM ET
Reviewed by: jmg
Having looked after woman who have been subjected to bullying behavior by their partners, hearing that tidbit about Scott did indeed create a barrier in my ability to see the good in his performances. Nuff said

Average voice, poor likeablity
May 28, 2005 03:36 AM ET
Reviewed by: thefaeryofpurejoy
Scott had an ok voice, but his performances became predictable. I feel like the show kept him for the press the criminal record got them.

May 25, 2005 03:54 PM ET
Reviewed by: abraun1
not very exciting to watch most evenings

Poor Scott
May 25, 2005 03:51 PM ET
Reviewed by: virgoangela
I think Scott got kind of a bad rap so kudos to him for making it so far.

Scott can sing
May 21, 2005 10:08 PM ET
Reviewed by: FloresMama
Scott had one of the best voices on AI$. Everyone just had a problem getting past his looks. I loved the sound of his voice.

No way
May 20, 2005 04:25 PM ET
Reviewed by: Jessa1326
What is wrong with America! Scott should have gone home WEEKS before Constantine got "voted off"

Scott is unique
May 19, 2005 07:46 PM ET
Reviewed by: chris
Scott is different and that made him sexy

May 19, 2005 03:14 PM ET
Reviewed by: AKN4CLY
I just don't like him!

May 19, 2005 01:20 PM ET
Reviewed by: jordan1614

Scott is bad
May 17, 2005 08:20 PM ET
Reviewed by: tina37204
I dont know how Scott stayed on this show for as long as he did. He was just bad.

Over stayed his welcome
May 17, 2005 08:09 PM ET
Reviewed by: shannon25
Nadia, Anwar, Nikko, and Constantine should have all outlasted Scott in the competition. He has a nice voice, but it needs some work. He had several rough performances. Besides singing talent, he lacks performance skills, charisma, and sex appeal. He has no star quality. He was not for this competition.

May 17, 2005 05:19 PM ET
Reviewed by: IrishConstantineLvr
I don't understand why he wasn't gone a lot sooner. He was awful to watch and made so many bad comments it made him seem like a terrible person too.

Scott the Victim
May 17, 2005 08:32 AM ET
Reviewed by: ElderMainer
Scott has a fantastic voice, but a personality that ruins ability to win over an audience. If Scott could have smiled more often and not played the part of "victim", he would have been more attractive to the audience. His voice was one of the most beautiful of all the contestants, but he sometimes had tuning issues. I much prefered his lower range. Scott DID, in my opinion, sing from his soul though. Most every week he was singing about something important in his life and I felt his pain and liberation. He just needs to work on enjoying life in the present and let the past go. He will then have more of an appeal to the general public.

Scott Savol
May 16, 2005 03:30 PM ET
Reviewed by: Zelda7865
I did not enjoy watching Scott. While he could definitely sing well, I didn't enjoy his surly attitude or his less than average looks. I would never buy any of his CDs.

Scott Savol
May 16, 2005 12:33 AM ET
Reviewed by: jbdramey
He was just average.

Good Voice
May 15, 2005 11:27 PM ET
Reviewed by: MarieLavaux
Not so great stage presence.

He Definitely WAS The Worst
May 15, 2005 09:29 PM ET
Reviewed by: BradnHou
Scott can't sing, has no stage presence, is unattractive, has a horrible personality, and a VERY poor attitude!

May 15, 2005 06:15 PM ET
Reviewed by: jayloe
Not much of a showman. -- Smile, relate to your audience,... you don't have to dance in order to reach the people you are singing to,...you can still move to them, reach out to them. I think people wanted to like you.

Winner for worst Attitude
May 15, 2005 06:08 PM ET
Reviewed by: ccwolfe
To bad he had a nasty attitude.....because he does have a nice voice!!

May 15, 2005 02:55 PM ET
Reviewed by: venicerose
Too repetitive & not original, good voice though

Scott has a nice voice
May 15, 2005 01:12 PM ET
Reviewed by: Hotshortie1
I think it's scott's looks that hurt him.

Scott is not #13
May 14, 2005 07:38 PM ET
Reviewed by: btaco
When I saw that Scott ranked last I was horrified, that Mikalah could be one up on him, so I'm trying to boost him up there.

Scott..not bad..just not good either...
May 14, 2005 04:45 PM ET
Reviewed by: steamboat2302

Scott Savol
May 14, 2005 01:33 PM ET
Reviewed by: Beth
No Comment

May 14, 2005 02:14 AM ET
Reviewed by: anthonylover
He should have been voted off a longtime ago

May 11, 2005 04:01 PM ET
Reviewed by: Galunia
Just don't see how Scott got into the top 12 to begin with.

Not so much love for Scott
May 09, 2005 06:42 PM ET
Reviewed by: Rori
One thing that tanks Scott for me is his attitude. I think he needs to take a look at his being carried by votefortheworst. I think Scott could improve attractivess by wearing different gles.

May 08, 2005 11:46 AM ET
Reviewed by: CONFAN4EVA

good luck to you
May 05, 2005 07:10 PM ET
Reviewed by: ria
scott does not sing my style of music but i wish him well.

The antithesis of having IT
May 05, 2005 01:13 AM ET
Reviewed by: jettheadpb
I don't even know what to think of Scott Savol. Mediocre singer with a horrible stage presence. And that's me being nice.

Scott ok to listen to
Apr 30, 2005 04:19 PM ET
Reviewed by: AZFan6
While Scott has an above-average voice to listen to, his stage presence and charisma are severly lacking

Its Time To Go.
Apr 30, 2005 12:49 AM ET
Reviewed by: janinmn
Good luck to you.

Scott Can Sing!
Apr 29, 2005 05:40 PM ET
Reviewed by: mistressbluz
Scott can really sings when he wants too, some of the songs he has done have been "GREAT", the only problem I have with him at times is he comes off being alittle standoffish. That makes him seem like he has no stage presence or personality whatsoever, which is sad because like I said..Certain songs he can really really sing..

Apr 29, 2005 09:20 AM ET
Reviewed by: first81
he's good

Apr 29, 2005 05:20 AM ET
Reviewed by: iwubu
Every man's Idol?? If every man is Scott, then count me out of the general population

Scott is ok
Apr 28, 2005 07:33 PM ET
Reviewed by: idoleyer
I give Scott points for always trying his best and it shows. I don't think he is the best one there, but I do believe he deserves to be there.

Apr 28, 2005 05:16 PM ET
Reviewed by: careannie
Very pitchy, cannot sing on key the only reason hes made it this far is because people take pitty on him cause hes fat..........and hes got the religious people too........he prays on stage

scott can't sing
Apr 28, 2005 01:24 PM ET
Reviewed by: bbanne2006
i think that scott is the wost singer on the show. he should have been the first one gone.

He's good.
Apr 26, 2005 11:07 AM ET
Reviewed by: JimmyTruth
Scott Savol's a good singer. Just not the best.

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