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Rare find
Nov 15, 2006 02:11 PM ET
Reviewed by: fpl
Outstanding singer/performer. No one came close to him on the AI Tour. He was unbelievable.

Jul 21, 2006 08:55 PM ET
Reviewed by: Smileforme536
Third would be good for him, cause Tamyra was a hell of a lot better. But i liked him, good personality. Well rounded performer, just not superb....

Mar 16, 2006 08:13 PM ET
Reviewed by: Chrisfan15
He really gave Kelly some competition, but I agree that she should have won.

One of a kind
Nov 12, 2005 09:08 PM ET
Reviewed by: charlotte
Right out of the gate he had charisma and presence in the truest sense of the words, with the aura of a natural born performer, not an akward amateur. All topped off with a beautifully toned smooth voice and captivating stage skills. All absolutely unique. Every once in awhile a genuine "whole package" arrives on the scene. Guarini is one of those rare finds.

Better than all the rest
Nov 12, 2005 12:00 AM ET
Reviewed by: streetsofnyc
If you were to see Justin perform Get Here in Anaheim and weren't a believer before, you would be after you saw it. Phenomenal.

I feel bad for the guy!
Sep 21, 2005 09:20 AM ET
Reviewed by: Andy
Justin really got screwed on this whole deal. He was much better than his album sales show. I'm not saying he should have won becuase he murdered "A moment like this", but I do think that he had a good soul voice, and was probably the most consistant performer on the show that year. I personally think that 19 management screwed him when the show was over with. Anybody else think it's a strange coincidence that everone leaves them after the one year agreement is up?

Justin has an incredible voice and is an amazing performer.
Jun 26, 2005 01:41 AM ET
Reviewed by: Rici
In my opinion Justin is still the best overall performer that has ever hit that Idol stage. He is so talented. It will never make sense to me why those in charge of his career didn't do right by him. He has the most amazing pure voice and control, and the man knows how to work a stage! I had the privilege by chance, of seeing him at an appearance for a charity event last weekend. He sang two songs and was in fabulous voice! I look forward to his jazz album due out possibly some time next year.

treated badly
Jun 06, 2005 11:02 PM ET
Reviewed by: chris8677
Justin is a very good looking man with a very smooth voice. I believe he was treated very badly by his record label and they didn't promote his CD properly. I have it and like it. He works the stage well. I hear his next project is a light jazz album. I can see that working for Justin and look forward to hearing it.

May 31, 2005 05:32 PM ET
Reviewed by: hvchs07
Was very good, deserved snd place

The Total Package And Then Some!
May 19, 2005 12:53 AM ET
Reviewed by: LL411
The voice, stage presence, natural star quality, charisma, charm, graciousness, I could go on and on about Justin Guarini. He touched me in a way very few performers ever have, and still does. He is the real deal. Everything a true Idol should be. Others have gotten the benefit of hype and promotion by the AI machine, where Justin did not. Shame on The Powers That Be that dropped the ball on this incredibly talented man's career. But he will perservere as he is slowly but surely rebuilding his career the traditional way. The cream always rises to the top!

Justin is Perfect
May 17, 2005 10:41 PM ET
Reviewed by: ROUTE66LA
I've not heard a voice like that, or seen someone perform to the extent that Justin Guarini has. He has a way of stealing an audience with one glance, and his velvet voice is beyond words! The wrong idol won, no doubt, but I guess the voters wanted a teeny bopper instead of pure talent.

May 17, 2005 09:21 PM ET
Reviewed by: jgangel79
Justin Guarini in my opinion has been the best AI contestant since the beginning

A Star Every Moment
May 17, 2005 09:19 PM ET
Reviewed by: 33sassy
Justin always sings with emotion and beauty and owns showmanship. As a person and as a performer, Justin is simply what American Idol was supposed to be all about; someone who is the total package and is a role model for others.

Justin Has It!!!
May 17, 2005 09:08 PM ET
Reviewed by: joymuz
Justin is that amazing performer that can you weep when he sings ballads and can make you dance with him when he is grooving with a dance tune. He loves what he is doing and you can't help but feel it. I look forward to hearing more music from this young man in the future. He showed his versatility on AI Season 1 and on his debut album. I can't wait for his jazz album to come out. The sky is the limit for Justin Guarini!!

Justin rocks
May 17, 2005 08:27 PM ET
Reviewed by: fa1th156
Hes silk pure silk

10 all the way
May 17, 2005 07:46 PM ET
Reviewed by: rynluvsluv
I have stuck by him ever since I saw him open his mouth and let out that breathtaking voice. He voice is so unique and so is his wonderful personality. Having met him last summer, I can also say that he is an awesome human being and is not snotty and swarmy like the rest of these reviewers have said. Most people choose to judge him because he is so confident and they confuse that with conceit. He turned his limo around just to come back to his fans and chat/sign autographs with them. Although he seems to have been out of the spotlight, he has been carefully planning his next career moves. I guarantee you that he will be around longer than any of these other idols. He has just had the hardest struggle of them all, but it will pay off.

Great runner-up
May 15, 2005 05:34 PM ET
Reviewed by: ccwolfe
When it came down to Justin or Kelly I could not choose. I really liked them both. Kelly for her voice and Justin for is showmanship!!!

j g
May 06, 2005 12:28 AM ET
Reviewed by: missducky
he was pretty good why has no one rated him yet??

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